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 FREquently asked questions 

What to wear for a video session?


And yes, a video session requires a bit of extra preparation.

It’s best to wear TV-friendly attire.

What to Wear:

  • clothing in solid light-pastel colors.

  • a suit of medium blue or grey.

  • pale pink or tan shirt or blouse.

What NOT to Wear:

  • clothing with tight patterns (for instance stripes) or high-contrast patterns because such patterns generate a distracting shimmer on a video

  • white and red because these colors are difficult to transmit without a problem.

  • highly reflective materials.

  • clothes that make noise when you move.

  • jewelry that makes noise when you move your arms or walk. Remember that jewelry, especially bracelets, can cause glaring reflections.

What to Bring with You:

  • some water

  • cosmetic powder

  • your playful mood because it'll be fun :)

How to deal with stress standing in front of a camera?


Many of my clients are NOT professional speakers, so I understand how challenging it is to be filmed for the very first time.


I will be using special techniques that help you look confident and inspiring in your video. No worries, you'll enjoy the process.


However, some preparation for a video session is required.

My advice is to rehearse your script for half of on hour daily for three consecutive days. Just stick a post-it note on a mirror on your eye-level (you might draw a smiling face on it) and say your speech looking at it.


Hydrate well, it helps to decrease stress.



Do you accept payments by installments?



Yes, we can make a plan of payment for several months. 


And do you pay referral fees?


Yes, 10% for the first order of a client referred by you.

Do you PRODUCE wedding or family videos?  


Yes, I do. Please check out my price list   



I have some footage filmed. Could you do the editing and how much would it cost? 


Sure, the price is $60 per one minute of finalized (edited) content. If your project exceeds 10 minutes, I will offer special rates on video editing.

I plan to produce video blogs on my own. Could you help me so that my final video looks more professional?  


Such a great idea! And yes, I would be happy to give you consultation about the choice and use of equipment such as lights, mic, camera. As well, I will help you with setting up a nice composition. My price for a consultation is $50  per one hour via a video call or $100 if we meet in person.