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Most of my colleagues, videographers from Vancouver do not display rates on video services on their websites. I somehow understand their reasoning. Every video is unique and if a client would say : "I need a short 30 seconds long video about my company located in Vancouver" - it does not say anything about work needed to produce such video content.

We, videographers, need more details :)


However if you send a link on a video you like, any videographer would give you a rates right away. Some videos require just one setup like first video below. For $ 770  I produced for Sheehnaaz  2 short videos, meaning that one cost her only $ 365.

Disclaimer: If you ask me  to produce just one video for $ 3 65, I would not be able to do so. But I can certainly produce two videos for $ 770.


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An initial email with a video receives an increase click-through rate by 96%

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Another example of 30 seconds long video.  Its cost was $ 990 since it involved 3 hours of video session, three setups and meticulous editing. Please watch the video below to see the difference.  

And the last example - an intro video for a fitness video course. This project cost $7 000 . It involved 2 days of filming with 2 cameras and I edited 77 videos.

Tree conclusions:


1. Basically, it's more economically interesting to produce several 

    videos  than just one, because a price per unit (video) in first case 

    scenario would be dramatically decreased. 

2. Two key factors affects prices on video production : time of filming           and  complexity of editing.

3. Length of a video has  very minimal impact on prices of video                  production.

Having said that, I am very interested in long term mutually  beneficial 

cooperation. If you are planning to use constantly updated professional video content for your business goals, please get in touch with me. I can offer special prices on videography.

Click on links below to see packages for video and photo services in Vancouver.

Sometimes I am hired to produce videos for clients outside of Vancouver, mostly in Toronto and Edmonton. And I will be happy to fly to your city whenever you are located on the planet Earth. 



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